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[AMP VLAN][Multicast][JADConfig] MediaSwitcher created by Just Add Software


MediaSwitcher allows full control of the Just Add Power AV over IP™ HDMI matrix from a Macintosh, Windows or Linux computer.

The desktop program pairs with MediaSwitcher for iOS to allow control from an Apple tablet.

It allows easy and flexible control and provides an instant overview of the entire video matrix allowing the user to see what video sources are on specific screens.

Download and get started at

MediaSwitcher has compatible modes for JADConfig systems, AMP VLAN systems, and Multicast systems.


Just Add Power has partnered with Just Add Software to provide free licenses for MediaSwitcher when installed alongside a new Just Add Power system.

The free license includes:

  • Matrix control for up to 50 inputs and 50 outputs in a Just Add Power 3G or MaxColor system
  • Video wall control
  • Tiling Transmitter control

To request your free license:

  1. Download MediaSwitcher. The program begins with a 30-day free trial.
  2. Email [email protected] with this information:
    • Dealer Name
    • Contact Email Address (if different than sending email)
    • Proof of purchase from an authorized Just Add Power distributor of at least 2 Transmitters and 2 Receivers
  3. Input the license into MediaSwitcher
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  • 28-Nov-2022