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2G vs 3G Comparison

With the advent of 4K video, Just Add Power released a new product line to support 4K installations.

Installers who have 2G Systems and are looking to upgrade to 4K can use the table below to see the new features the upgraded system will have.

Feature 2G 3G
Minimum Cabling Cat5e (Gigabit) Cat5e (Gigabit)
HDMI Version 1.4 2.0
HDCP Version 1.4 2.2
Maximum Resolution 1920x1200 4096x2160
4K Video Scaler X
Video Wall
Portrait and Flipped Video X
Stereo and Compressed Multichannel Audio
5.1 Dolby Digital transformation to 2-channel audio
Uncompressed Audio Formats including Dolby Atmos X
Mic- and Line-In ports, mixable with HDMI audio
Stereo Audio Extraction with Audio Delay
RS232 control of endpoints
Integrated Null Modem jumpers on RS232
IR control of endpoints
CEC control of endpoints
USB over IP
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  • 28-Apr-2021