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Multi-Switch Considerations for JADConfig

Multi-Switch Models

If the Right Switch for the installation requires multiple switches, then one of these switch models would have been chosen:

Switch Model Ports On Max Devices PoE Ports Trunk or Stack Inter-Switch Bandwidth Max Stack Units
Cisco SG550X Front 376 376 Stack 10Gb 8

Stack vs Trunk

There are two ways to manage multiple switches joined together: 1) Stacking and 2) Trunking


  • Multiple switches are joined together so that they act as one logical unit
  • One primary switch holds the configuration for all switches. There is a backup in case of failure of the primary.
  • There is one (1) IP Address for the primary switch only. Backup switches do not have IP addresses.
  • All network traffic is passed between all switches
  • Limited to 10Gb connectivity between switches, regardless of the number of SFP+ ports.
  • Simpler to manage, but limited customization options


  • Multiple switches are joined together but remain independently managed
  • Each switch holds its own configuration
  • Each switch has its own IP address and management interface
  • Network traffic can be filtered between switches. Greater customization over how traffic moves between switches.
  • Each SFP+ port provides 10Gb of connectivity between switches. Multiple SFP+ ports can provide greater bandwidth.
  • More difficult to manage, but provides for greater customization to fit any size system

The choice of Stacking vs Trunking comes down to the requirements of the installation. Just Add Power strives to simplify the process as much as possible.

Bandwidth Considerations

When multiple switches are used, the video bandwidth usage for Transmitters needs to be considered as the cables that connect switches have a maximum bandwidth capability that is much lower than a single switch.

To estimate Just Add Power Transmitter bandwidth usage:

Generation Average Bandwidth* Recommended TX per Gb
2G 125Mbps 8
2GΩ/3G 400Mbps 2.5
3G 500Mbps 2

*Actual bandwidth will depend on source resolution, framerate, colorspace and content. The peak bandwidth output of a 3G Transmitter is 850Mbps, most often during boot-up and switching.

SFP/SFP+ Cables

Connecting multiple switches together requires specialized cable, and cannot be carried over typical CatX wiring.

Most SFP cables are compatible, regardless of the manufacturer.

You can find SFP modules on Luxul's website and SFP modules on Cisco's website or you can use 3rd-party modules.

All Cisco SFP cables that work with the Cisco SG500 are also compatible with the Cisco SG550X.

**Just Add Power has experienced fiber modules passing 5Gb bandwidth between SG500 switches on Cisco firmware and later. However, Cisco's documentation has yet to support this claim.**

Discontinued Switches

The switches listed below are still supported by Just Add Power and JADConfig but are no longer in production by the manufacturer

Discontinued Model Maximum Devices Replacement Model
Cisco SG500 and SG500X 376 Cisco SG550X
Luxul AMS-4424P 23 Cisco SG550X
Luxul XMS-7048P 47 Cisco SG550X
  • 135
  • 07-Oct-2021