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Control4: IR Control using the Flux Capacitor IR Dongle

Before you Begin:

  1. Ensure that your Just Add Power devices are running the minimum firmware versions below:
    • 2G: A5.31-FC+4+ (Released 2015-Dec-29)
    • 3G: A6.1.10 (Released 2016-Feb-02)
    • You can find newest firmware and firmware release date information in this section.
  2. Review to the Setup Guide for the Flux Capacitor IR Dongle to ensure the proper physical setup and connectivity of the Flux Capacitor before beginning.

Control4 Instructions:

* Note: You should already have loaded the appropriate TV or source device into your Control4 project that you wish to control over IR as a part of your typical system setup. The illustrations below do not reflect a complete Control4 project file.

** Additional Note: Setup cannot be completed in a Virtual Director. The bindable IR OUT connection will only be generated when the Control4 Director connects with the Just Add Power device over the network.

Step 1) In Composer under System Design > Items > Search, type "Universal GC", and press [Enter]. Ensure that the box for "Online" is selected.

Search for "Universal GC"

Step 2) Add the "Universal GC Device" to your project in the desired room.
Tip: Rename the "Universal GC Device" once it is added to your project to make your future programming cleaner and simpler to follow

Add Universal GC Device to project

Step 3) Under Connections > Network > IP Network Connections, select the "Universal GC Device" in the desired room, then click [Identify].

Network Connections

Step 4) Enter the IP address of the Just Add Power device to which the Flux Capacitor is connected, then close the Identify window.

Identify the Flux

Step 5) Go back to under System Design > Properties for the Universal GC Device and observe that the Status is now reporting "Connected to Global Cache"

Connected to Global Cache

Step 6) Under Connections > Control A/V, select the "Universal GC Device" to see the IR_OUT under the Control & Audio Video Connections pane.

Control & Audio Video Connections

Step 7) Drag the IR_OUT connection onto the IR Sensor signal of your TV device to complete the binding.

Complete Binding
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