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3G Transmitter Planning Examples

There are multiple Transmitter models that can be used in a 3G installation:

  • 705PoE - 2GΩ/3G 1080p Transmitter
  • 715PoE - 2GΩ/3G+ 1080p Transmitter
  • 716VGA - 2GΩ/3G VGA Transmitter
  • 707PoE - 3G Transmitter (4K)
    • 747POE - 4-in-1 Rackmount version of 707POE (4K)
  • 717HIFI - 3G+HIFI Transmitter (4K)
  • 717WP2 - 3G 2-gang Wallplate Transmitter (4K)
  • 718AVP - 3G+AVP DSP-Enhanced Transmitter (4K)
    • 749AVP - 3-in-1 Rackmount version of 718AVP (4K)
  • 718WP4 - 3G 4-gang Wallplate Transmitter (4K)
  • 759A - 3G+4+ Tiling Transmitter (4K). Put up to 4 unique video signals on one display.

Mix-and-match Transmitters in an installation to take advantage of the modular nature of the Just Add Power system!

3G Transmitter Planning Examples part 1

3G Transmitter Planning Examples part 2

Updated 2017-02-23