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SAVI Controls on Composer OS2


The information in this article references a SAVI system running on OS2 versions of Composer (2.x.y). Please reach out to SAVI for updated information on how to implement newer systems.


SAVI - Simple Audio Video Interface - is a hardware interface add-on for Control4 systems that provides web interface control of many Control4 functions.

SAVI Setup

Part 1 - Processor

  1. Connect the SAVI server to the network and internet and power it on. The SAVI server will pick up a DHCP address.
  2. Log into the SAVI admin web interface at [ipaddress]/admin.SAVI Admin - Main Page
  3. Select Setup to set a static IP address on the SAVI. This is required for reliable access.SAVI Admin - Network Setup
  4. Select Advanced and select Download C4 Drivers. Save with other Control4 drivers.SAVI Admin - Advanced

Part 2 - Control4 SAVI Server

  1. Open Composer and connect to the processor.
  2. Go to System Design view and Search for the SAVI drivers that were downloaded.
  3. Add one SAVI Server driver to the project.SAVI Server in Composer
  4. Select the SAVI Server and input information about the SAVI system. saviIpAdress should be the IP address of the SAVI server. Most other fields are optional.

Part 3 - Control4 SAVI Video Wall 16

  1. Create a room to hold all of the devices that will make up the video wall.
  2. Add one SAVI Just Add Power Receiver (same as Just Add Power RS232-IP Server) driver for each display in the video wall and input setup information:
    1. License key
    2. IP Address
    3. Serial settings (optional)
  3. (optional) If using display endpoint control, add one control driver for each display in the video wallSAVI Video Wall - System Design
  4. Add one SAVI Video Wall - 16 driver to the room and input setup information:
    1. name: display name for the video wall in the UI
    2. isDefault: display this screen when the UI is opened
    3. columns: number of columns in the video wall
    4. rows: number of rows in the video wall
    5. layout: 10 layouts are available. Syntax can be found in the Documentation tab in Composer
    6. receiver01-16: Select the Receiver driver for each position in the wall. Receiver01 is the top-left position, continue numbering left-to-right, top-to-bottom.
    7. (optional) tv01-16: Select the endpoint control driver for each position in the wall. tv01 is the top-left position, continue numbering left-to-right, top-to-bottom.SAVI Video Wall - Properties TopSAVI Video Wall - Properties Bottom

Part 4 - Load Project into SAVI

  1. When all Control4 programming is complete, save a Back Up.
  2. Go to the admin web interface of the SAVI server at [ipaddress]/admin
  3. Select Import C4P File
    1. Enter the IP address of the Control4 processor
    2. Navigate to the Back Up file
    3. Click LoadSAVI Admin - Import C4P file
  4. Go to the GUI web interface of SAVI server at its IP address. The default page will show up.
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