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Power Light Heartbeat Blink

Just Add Power devices have 2 green lights on the front of the device that are diagnostically relevant: a Power Light and a Data Light. On a rackmount unit, the lights on the port-side are diagnostically relevant.

Healthy Behavior:

The Power Light on a device is performs a Heartbeat Blink - two quick blinks followed by a pause - repeated about 10 times while the device is booting up. After the initial boot, the Power Light will go solid.

Unhealthy Behavior:

The Power Light continuously Heartbeat Blinks, and never goes solid.


  1. A device displaying continuous Heartbeat Blinks - in a Bootloop - has had firmware loaded incorrectly. Incorrect firmware load can be caused by: 1) interrupting firmware load while in progress 2) powering off the unit during a firmware load 3) closing or cancelling JADConfig during firmware update portion
  2. The power being supplied to the unit is not adequate for full functionality. This can be caused by:
    • Bad POE provided by the switch to the device. This could involve the switch port, network cable, or J+P device port.
    • The power supply that is providing power to the unit.


  1. Most devices in a Bootloop can be recovered with Debrick. Instructions for making a Debug cable are included with Debrick, or contact Support and request a pair of Debug cables to be shipped to you. Debrick and instructions can be downloaded in the Knowledge Base at
  2. Swap the potentially-defective parts until the part providing inadequate power is identified. Replace that part
    • Swap switch port connection, swap network cable, swap J+P device
    • Try a new power supply
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  • 05-Jun-2018