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Audio Not Working on AVP Transmitter


The following Just Add Power devices have analog mic- and line-input ports:

  • 418AVP - 2G+AVP Transmitter
  • 718AVP - 3G+AVP Transmitter
  • 749AVP - 3G+AVP Rackmount Transmitter

The analog audio input ports are able to embed an audio signal onto the HDMI signal, transmit that across the network to a Receiver, and have the Receiver play the audio signals. This leaves the possibility for 3 audio signals - HDMI, Mic-input, Line-input - to be combined.

No Analog Audio on TX and RX

The Mic-Input and Line-Input ports are not enabled by default. Enabling the ports must be done manually:

Function Command Description
Enable Mic-In Enables the Mic-In port
Disable Mic-In
(default) Disables the Mic-In port
Enable Line-In Enables the Line-In port
Disable Line-In
(default) Disables the Line-In port
Enable HDMI Audio
(default) Enables the audio signal coming from the HDMI source
Disable HDMI Audio Disables the audio signal coming from the HDMI source

Analog Audio on TX, No Analog Audio on RX

Once the Mic-Input and Line-Input ports are enabled, audio will play out of the Stereo port on the Transmitter. If the audio signal is not playing on Receiver - through either HDMI or the Stereo port - that means the HDMI signal does not have audio and the audio driver has been disabled on the Transmitter.

To enable the audio driver on the Transmitter all the time - regardless of if there is HDMI audio or not - send this command to the Transmitter:

astparam s v_rx_drv_option 6;astparam save;sleep 1;reboot

The Transmitter will reboot once the command is appliedWARNING: This setting will cause the Transmitter to always output a signal. Do NOTrun JADConfig with this setting applied on a Transmitter.

If using 2G devices - or 3G devices in 2G Mode - the audio driver on the Receiver also needs to be enabled. Send this command to the Receiver:

astparam s a_force_dual_output y;astparam save;sleep 1;reboot

The Receiver will reboot once the command is applied.

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  • 04-Nov-2019