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Wallplate: Enable Auto Input Select

The Just Add Power WP2 (2-gang wallplate) and WP4 (4-gang wallplate) have both HDMI and VGA inputs.

There is a toggle switch on the front of each unit that is used to choose VGA or HDMI.

Wallplate 2-gang

To enable auto-detection between the VGA and HDMI ports, apply this command through the Console API on the web interface of the Wallplate Transmitter:

astparam s v_input_select detect_sync;astparam save;reboot

Wallplate Detect Command in Web Interface

Auto-detection follows these rules:

  • First source (HDMI/VGA) to be connected will be the active source
  • When a second source is connected it will not be displayed
  • When the active source is disconnected, the second source becomes the active source (~5 seconds)
  • When the toggle switch is moved, it will override the auto-detection

To return the device to standard settings (toggle switch only):

astparam s v_input_select;astparam save;reboot
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  • 27-Aug-2018