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List of Firmware Versions for 2G & 3G


Just Add Power devices must be on the same firmware version in order to communicate with each other.

The last version of 2G-only firmware is A5.3.1FC+4+.

2GΩ/3G and 3G backwards compatibility begins at firmware A6.4.12.

Any firmware versions not listed below should be considered beta or unsupported and may not be available.

2G Firmware

The firmware versions listed below will only run on 2G hardware.

Firmware Date
A1.35 11-Jul-29
A3.0 11-Sept-06
A3.00C 11-Nov-08
A3.20 12-May-23
A3.2a 12-Aug-22
A3.21c 13-Feb-18
13-Apr-15 34f8
A3.54c 13-Apr-15 4558
A5.13d 13-Nov-04
A5.21d 14-Feb-28
A5.30 14-Dec-23
A5.31 FC+4+ 15-Dec-2

Hybrid Firmware

The firmware versions listed below will run on both 2G and 3G hardware. It is intended for two types of systems: (1) 2G-only systems, or (2) systems with a mix of 2G and 3G hardware working together

Firmware Date
A6.4.1 16-Oct-07
A6.4.12 17-Jan-12
A6.5.0 17-Jun-22 / 17-Jul-18
A6.5.5 18-Mar-01
A6.5.9-LTS.BF1 20-Feb-28
A6.5.9-LTS.BF2 20-May-19
A6.5.9-LTS.v3 20-Nov-24

3G Firmware

The firmware versions listed below will only run on 3G hardware.

Firmware Date
A6.0.1 15-Sep-22
A6.1.1 15-Nov-10
A6.1.10 16-Feb-2
B1.2.1 18-Oct-16
B2.0.6 20-Jun-29
B2.1.0 20-Nov-23
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