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JADConfig - Not All Devices Discovered

During the device discovery portion of JADConfig, please make sure that these things are true about the system:

  • HDMI cables disconnected from all Transmitters
  • Tiling Transmitter video disabled (hold PF1 until Data light blinks)
  • Transmitters connected to Transmitter ports
  • Receivers connected to Receiver ports
  • All Just Add Power devices have a solid Power light and blinking Data light
  • The JADConfig PC has a wired network connection to port 1 of the switch via:
    • wiring to a larger network that is eventually wired to port 1, or
    • direct wiring to port 1

All devices should be discovered properly in this circumstance.

If all devices are not discovered, check these things:

  1. Ensure you are running the newest version of JADConfig
  2. HDMI cables must be disconnected from all Transmitters
  3. Devices are only able to be discovered when they have a solid Power light and blinking Data light. Power-cycle any device without this light behavior. If the Data light is still not blinking, check the Power & Data Lights troubleshooting section for tips.
  4. No other network devices should be attached to the switch (except the network on port 1).
  5. Use a native Windows PC. Mac hardware running Windows may not bind network adapters correctly, causing devices to not be discovered.
  6. Disable any firewall software and allow JADConfig through the firewall. The default Windows firewall will still block programs even if it is disabled. JADConfig must be explicitly allowed through the disabled firewall.
  7. Disable all other network adapters on the computer. This must be done for all adapters, even ones that are not connected.
  8. If the above options do not enable discovery, bypass the local network completely: close JADConfig, connect the wired network connection of the PC directly to port 1 of the switch, and re-run JADConfig. Network security settings can prevent the discovery process from completing successfully.
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  • 24-Nov-2020