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1G Device Troubleshooting


The Just Add Power 1G system was Just Add Power's first generation HD over IP product. It distributes HDMI sources up to 1080p over a 100Mbps network. It uses an encode/decode topology with Transmitters connected to sources and Receivers connected to displays.

The 1G system was the flagship product of Just Add Power from June 2008 until the release of 2G in Summer 2010.

We have continued to support 1G systems since its initial release through new 1G hardware for system expansions along with firmware and diagnostic resources.

Download 1G Resources

The download link contains all firmware versions, diagnostic software, and instructions.


1G does not have many of the features available on 2G and 3G. Troubleshooting is a simple process, as 1G is only capable of encoding and decoding a 1080p video signal.

If neither of these steps provide a resolution and you are unsure of the firmware version on the units, update all units to firmware v92.

  1. Have you tried turning it off and back on again?
  2. If you swap a working unit with the unit giving you problems, does the problem follow the unit or stay at the location?
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  • 20-Nov-2020