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[Legacy] Crestron Cisco Driver Package for 2-series processors


This driver is Legacy - meaning it is no longer regularly updated. It is programmed in SIMPL+, making it compatible with 2-series processors.

The current, updated version of the Crestron Cisco driver can be found here.



Crestron drivers - compatible with 2-series and 3-series processors - for Just Add Power 2G and 3G systems for the following Cisco switches:

  • SG300
  • SG500
  • SG500X

Also includes the Layer 3 endpoint driver and all documentation.

Attachment contains:

  • Cisco drivers v3.06
    • AVSwitch_Cisco_V3_06.umc
    • AVSwitch_Cisco_V3_06.ush
    • AVSwitch_Cisco_V3_06.usp
    • AVSwitch_Favourite_Switching_v3_00.ush
    • AVSwitch_Favourite_Switching_v3_00.usp
    • AVSwitch_POE_Control_v3_00.umc
    • AVSwitch_POE_Control_v3_00.ush
    • AVSwitch POE Control v3_00.usp
    • ITOA.ush
    • ITOA.usp
  • Layer 3 drivers v2.10
    • TxRxComms v2_10.ush
    • TxRxComms v2_10.usp
    • TxRxComms v2_10.umc
  • Demo profile
    • AVSwitch Cisco Demo V3_06.smw
    • AVSwitch_Cisco_V3_06_DemoPanel_600x800.vtp
  • JAD User Guide v2.8.pdf
  • JAD-CiscoSG300-Crestron User Guide.pdf
  • Crestron Cisco_v3_06 Changelog.txt
  • 292
  • 24-Nov-2020