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CEC Compatibility


CEC - Consumer Electronic Control - describes control of a source or display by sending commands over the HDMI cable. It is one of the three types of endpoint control supported by Just Add Power: CEC, RS232, IR.

Just Add Power devices capable of sending every CEC command in existence, however the implementation of the CEC specification is determined by source and display manufacturers on a case-by-case basis.

The CEC specifications assumes that there is only one source and one display in a system, and allows for CEC passthrough between connected devices. In a distributed audio/video system, this is a nightmare! In a Just Add Power system, CEC is sent by targeting the IP address of the unique Transmitter/Receiver connected to the Source/Display. CEC does NOT pass-through from Transmitter to Receiver.

Compatible Models

2G, 2GΩ Omega, 3G Ultra, and MaxColor Just Add Power systems support CEC.


  • 218A/218POE - 2G+ Enhanced Receiver
  • 218AVP - 2G+ A/V Pro Enhanced Receiver
  • 418A/418POE - 2G+ Enhanced Transmitter)
  • 418AVP - 2G+ A/V Pro DSP-Enhanced Transmitter

2GΩ Omega

  • All HDMI units on justOS firmware Bx.x.x
  • 515POE in 2G Mode
  • 715POE in 2G Mode

3G Ultra

  • justOS firmware Bx.x.x required
  • All HDMI Inputs on Transmitters
  • All HDMI Outputs on Receivers


  • All HDMI Inputs on Transmitters
  • All HDMI Outputs on Receivers

CEC Commands

Go to the CEC over IP Control article to see a list of CEC commands.

Manufacturer CEC Specification list

There is no way to know if every model of TV produced by a given manufacturer supports all of the CEC features. Just Add Power Technical Support has attempted to compile a list of well-known TV manufacturers who commonly support (or do not support) the most desirable CEC features, but feature capabilities can change from model to model, and even from firmware to firmware on a single model. We recommend contacting the display manufacturer for CEC compatibility questions.

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