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[Endpoint Control] URC Accelerator: RS232 to IP Drivers


RS232 control in URC is best accessed by allowing the Accelerate process to build a user interface automatically. In order to do that through the Just Add Power system, standard RS232 drivers must be converted to RS232 over IP drivers. This change causes the URC processor to send RS232 commands to a Just Add Power device over the network rather than using the RS232 ports on the URC processor.


RS232 drivers are examples for a select models. You will need to build a driver for your specific display model if it is not one of the examples.

Download contains Endpoint Control drivers for CEC, RS232, and IR.

Build a Driver

Building an RS232 over IP driver is necessary if the display or source being controlled does not already have an RS232 over IP driver built. As Just Add Power learns more about URC, our library of RS232 over IP drivers will expand. To build a driver yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Open Accelerator, select My Database, and select New Driver
  2. Navigate to the RS232 driver of the display or source that the driver is for and Select This Device
  3. In the Edit Information tab, choose Edit next to Control Types:
    • Check the box for IP Commands and click OK
  4. In Driver Properties -> Outputs, select Main Functions and click Edit
    • Check the Use box next to IP Type and enter 6752 in the Port blank
  5. Go to the Edit Functions tab and select the IP tab
  6. In Driver Information:
    • Set Data Encryption to ASCII
    • Set Network Method to TCP
    • Set Port to 6752
    • Check the box for Terminate with carriage return
  7. In the Function List, for each Button ID
    • Select the Button ID and click Edit Function
    • Paste the IR Command for the function in the Data blank and click OK. The RS232 Command can be in ASCII or Hex, but Accelerator converts all commands to Hex.
  8. Save when all Button IDs are entered

Setup a Driver

Once the driver has been built and added to the local database, the driver must be setup through Accelerator. Follow these instructions:

  1. In Program -> Step 4 Add Other Devices
    • Select Database: My
    • Select Module Type: IP Database
    • Select the Category, Brand, and Model for the driver
    • Select Add Selected Module
  2. In Program -> Step 6 Network Setup
    • Select Non URC Device
    • For each Device driver, enter the IP address of the Receiver/Transmitter. The IP address can be found on the JADConfig Report file generated by JADConfig upon initial configuration.
  3. Log into the webUI of the Just Add Power device
    • Go to the Endpoint Control tab
    • Under Serial Settings, set the Serial Mode to Direct and set the Baudrate to match the baud rate of the endpoint device.
    • Apply, Save, and Reboot the device
  4. Accelerate in Step 10 Edit User Interfaces and Step 12 Macro Editing to generate the interface. Done!
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  • 31-Jul-2023