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737POE Spec Sheet: 3G Warp Engine Transmitter

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The 3G Warp Engine Transmitter can rotate any video signal up to 360 degrees. Build a Mosaic Video Wall at any angle with a single Warp Engine Transmitter, or combine multiple Warp Engine Transmitters to build the craziest Mosaic Video Wall imaginable!

Explore how to design a Warp Mosaic Video Wall!

Explore programming for a Warp Engine Transmitter.


  • Rotate one source from 0.0 to 359.9 degrees
    • 1 Receiver and 1 Transmitter in one case
    • Accept any Transmitter video from the 3G system
    • New, independent rotated video output
    • Rotated video viewable on any 3G Receiver


737POE uses updated hardware that makes it incompatible with 2G systems. It can only be installed in 3G systems.

  • 337
  • 07-Mar-2022