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JADConfig - Bug Reporting


When there is a new version of JADConfig, the program automatically prompts for an update. These updates include new features, new firmware, new hardware support, and bug fixes.

Errors in JADConfig that are discovered can only be fixed when we are able to collect a record of what it did wrong and the circumstances surrounding the error. This allows us to identify the specific cause and to reproduce the problem in-house if necessary.

We appreciate any assistance that you can provide in making JADConfig better for everyone who uses it!

Submit a Bug Report

If you experience an issue with JADConfig, please give us a call on our support line to resolve it immediately so the installation can move forward.

Afterwards, please send an email to [email protected] with the following information included, so we can prevent the issue from happening again:

  1. A log file of all actions, located in \Program Files (x86)\Just Add Power\JADConfig5\Logs and named according to the date and time the program was opened. For example: 2019-10-31-T13-31-JAD-5.2.txt
  2. The name of the function that had the issue: Setup a New System, Expand Existing System, Test System, Configure a Device, Firmware Update Only.
  3. A screenshot of the error, or a description of where in the program the error occurred.
  4. The PC operating system: Windows version, macOS version, etc.
  5. Any additional information about the circumstances that triggered the issue. This will make it easier to reproduce in-house if necessary.

Thank you for your help with improving JADConfig!

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  • 11-Nov-2019