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767DSS Dante Audio Troubleshooting


The Just Add Power Dante Sound System Transmitter - model number 767DSS - is capable of exchanging audio between a Just Add Power 3G HDMI over IP network and a Dante audio network.

Compatible Audio Formats

The Dante Sound System Transmitter supports up to 8 channels of LPCM audio. This audio specification matches Dante's support for LPCM only.

Initial Troubleshooting

These steps are necessary for any hope of audio.

  1. Confirm that the 767DSS is on firmware B1.3.0 or later. Earlier firmware versions do not support the 767DSS. B1.3.0 is compatible with all other B1.x.x versions.
  2. Confirm that the source is outputting an LPCM audio format.
  3. Confirm that the Dante network port is active by connecting it to an active network device. If the Dante network port is not connected, the 767DSS cannot receive audio from the Dante network and therefore will play no audio.
  4. Confirm that the EDID on the 767DSS is at default, or is set to ask for only LPCM audio. Other audio formats are not supported.
  5. Press the button on the unit to trigger the Dante port to subscribe to itself.

Additional Troubleshooting

  1. The HDMI Out and 1000BT LAN signal that go to a Receiver are always the same. Connect a display to the HDMI Out to see if you get the same result you are getting at the Receiver.
    • If you are getting the same result, then the issue is with the Dante network audio signal.
    • If the 767DSS HDMI Out is playing audio, but the Receiver is not, then the issue is between the 767DSS 1000BT LAN port and the Receiver.
  2. Use the Dante Controller to subscribe the 767DSS to a known-working Dante audio source. That audio should play on both the HDMI Out and any Receiver watching the 767DSS.
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  • 15-Oct-2020