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Luxul Switch Multicast Profiles


Just Add Power always recommends VLAN switching over multicast switching. Luxul switches are supported with AMP VLAN.

This article is intended for situations where VLAN switching is not feasible for the project requirements. Follow the instructions below to configure a Luxul switch for use with Just Add Power Multicast Switching.

Configure Just Add Power devices with AMP software.

Just Add Power devices support Multicast Switching on firmware B2.1.0 and later.

Compatible Models

  • SW-510 Series
  • SW-610 Series

Download Configuration Files

Load a pre-built switch configuration file to get up and going quickly!

Configuration files use these defaults:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin
  • VLAN 1 IP (data): /24
  • VLAN 2 IP (JP Video): /16
  • Default Gateway (Router):

Modify Configuration Files

  1. Start with the pre-built Primary switch configuration file.
  2. Change the Default Gateway to the IP address of the router at the jobsite.
  3. Change the VLAN 1 IP to match the subnet that the router and control system at the jobsite are on

Instructions on how to make these modifications are included with the download.

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  • 22-Mar-2023