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EZLogger Remote Logging


In an effort to reduce the need for on-site visits for our installers, we have developed a remote logging feature that will allow a layer-3 (JADConfig) system, or a system with a route to the internet the ability to send diagnostic data to Just Add Power Technical Support.


  • Layer-3 Configured Just Add Power 3G system
  • Active Route to the internet from the Just Add Power network
  • For Networks behind a Firewall:
    • Allow Outgoing Connections to TCP:21984


  1. Download the latest firmware.
    (NOTE: If you were given a special link to a debugging version, please load that firmware instead)
  2. Extract then load the firmware onto the devices required to complete the diagnostic process
  3. Obtain an "EZLog Server Address" and "EZLog Token ID" from Just Add Power Technical Support

Enable EZLogger

  1. Go to the webUI of the device and select the Network tab
  2. Set DNS to and set Timer Server (rdate) to Click Apply. These options improve the chance that logging will be accurately identified.

  3. Open the device Menu

  4. Select Debug

  5. Select EZLogger Enabled
  6. Enter the EZLog Server Address (provided by Tech Support)
  7. Enter the EZLog Token ID (provided by Tech Support)
  8. Set the EZLog Level to DEBUG
  9. Click Apply
    * Click OK if prompted about unsaved changes
    Close the EZLogger Settings modal

  10. Re-open the Menu and click Save
  11. Click Reboot

Report an Issue

When the error occurs, please contact support and provide as much of the information below as possible

  • Date the issue occurred
  • Time the issue occurred, or a time range
  • The IP address of the device that experienced the issue (if multiple devices are logging, this is extremely important)
  • If the issue deviates from what was previously described, an updated description of the issue
    • Does the issue seem to affect a source or a display?
    • What actions triggered the issue?
    • What was done, if anything, to resolve the issue?

This information will expedite our ability to find the issue, identify the cause, and provide a solution.
Thank you for your assistance!

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  • 11-Dec-2020