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Elan g: Creating Endpoint Control Drivers


This article addresses how to create Generic devices in Elan to control endpoint functions of Just Add Power:

  • Video Wall
  • Tiling Transmitter Video, Audio, and Layout control
  • Warp Transmitter Rotate and Zoom control

This article is still a work in progress. All details collected here were done via Remote Support sessions with Elan programmers. If you have suggestions for how to improve it, please reach out to


  1. Access the project
  2. Under Input/Output, right-click on Communication Devices and create a new Communication Device.
  3. Assign the IP Address for the device and Port 23.
    • For a Video Wall, the IP Address is for one of the Receivers in the wall. Create one Communication Device for each Receiver in the wall.
    • For a Tiling Transmitter, enter the IP Address of the Transmitter (not any of the four Receivers.)
    • For a Warp Transmitter, enter the IP Address of the Transmitter (not the Receiver.)

  4. Right-click on Generic Serial Devices and create a new Generic Serial Device.
  5. Under the Communication Device dropdown, set it to the device created in Step 3.
    • If doing this for a Video Wall, you may need to create multiple devices as well.

  6. Right-click on the new Serial Device and create a Serial Code for each function needed. Be sure to use the Terminator: Carriage Return for each code.

  7. Create buttons on the interface to execute those commands.
  8. Done!
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  • 02-Nov-2020