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Enado Configuration for Just Add Power


Enado is a processor-based control system that produces a simple-to-use webUI, accessible from any network device. Control can be accessed by any device on the network, or expanded to allow external control from anywhere in the world!

Please go to for more information on how to get started.

For more technical information, go to


  1. Cisco or Luxul switch is the center of the HDMI matrix
  2. System is configured with JADConfig
  3. The JADConfig Report File is available for upload to the controller
  4. Enado controller connected to the data network

Enado Manual


Most drivers for Enado can be found in the library on the controller webUI, or at

Just Add Power drivers for Enado can be found in the Enado Driver Knowledge Base Article.

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  • 15-Jan-2021