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[Endpoint Control] URC Accelerator: CEC to IP Driver


CEC control in URC is best accessed by allowing the Accelerate process to build a user interface automatically. In order to do that through the Just Add Power system, a CEC driver must be converted to a CEC over IP driver. This change allows the URC processor to send CEC commands to a Just Add Power device over the network.

All functions on all manufacturers and models use the same CEC commands. The driver can be used without modification. The most important factor to functionality is whether the display manufacturer decided to support the function or not.

Disclaimer: Only the Power On, Power Off, and Input 1 commands have been tested. All other commands will see varying levels of success.


Download contains Endpoint Control drivers for CEC, RS232, and IR.

Setup the Driver

Once the driver has been added to the local database, the driver must be setup through Accelerator. Follow these instructions:

  1. In Program --> Step 4 Add Other Devices
    • Select Database: My
    • Select Module Type: IP Database
    • Select Category: TV
    • Select Brand: JUST ADD POWER
    • Select Model: CEC TV
    • Select Add Selected Module
  2. In Program --> Step 6 Network Setup
    • Select Non URC Device
    • For each CEC driver, enter the IP address of the Receiver. The IP address can be found on the Report File generated by the configuration software upon initial configuration.
  3. In Program --> Step 8 AV Inputs & Outputs
    • Select the CEC TV driver
    • Connect the HDMI output that the Just Add Power Receiver is in and connect it to the Output on the Just Add Power switching driver that matches its position in the matrix. The Report File contains this information.
  4. Accelerate in Step 10 Edit User Interfaces and Step 12 Macro Editing to generate the interface. Done!
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  • 28-Nov-2022