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Choosing between VLAN and Multicast


Just Add Power built its reputation for outstanding performance on its design using VLANs, a closed network to distribute audio and video with zero detectable latency. For most installs, a VLAN System is still the best option for a Just Add Power AV system.

For some larger installs where equipment is already in place or must be consistent across the company's network, a Multicast system is necessary to meet these requirements.

Use the guide below to help you choose the type of system that's right for your next project.


  VLAN Multicast
Configuration Software AMP
System Setup Software does it all Software does some
Installer does some
Software Sets Up Just Add Power devices AND switch Just Add Power devices ONLY.
You configure the switch
Network Switches Software-supported models Minimum technical specs
Installer Network Knowledge Basic Advanced
Data Network Impact None
Standardized by Just Add Power
Varies by system capabilities
System Maintenance Done By... Installer Installer and/or IT Admin
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  • 12-Jan-2023