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[AMP VLAN] Elan g! Driver Download


This driver package provides Matrix Control and Feature Control of a Just Add Power VLAN switching system configured with AMP.

  • Matrix Control - switch any display to watch any source
  • Feature Control - manage features of Just Add Power like video wall, image pull, tiling control

Driver supports up to 101 inputs and 128 outputs.
AMP VLAN systems can have up to 3000 outputs. Reach out to support if you need more than 128 outputs in the Elan g driver.

Contracted by Just Add Power.

This driver is NOT COMPATIBLE with systems configured with JADConfig.



  • justaddpower_jpsw.EDRVC - Luxul switching driver v1.0.1
    • Various sizes available from 8x8 to 128x128.
    • Driver sizes represent maximum sizing and will support any smaller system.
  • JustAddPower_TxRxEndpoint.EDRVC - Just Add Power Endpoint and Feature Control driver v1.0.0


  • Adds a fallback IP for a second Just Add Power device in case the primary controller goes offline.

Other Drivers

For drivers compatible with JADConfig, go to Elan g! JADConfig Driver Download.

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  • 28-Nov-2022