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3G Ultra Firmware Version Information


4K 3G Ultra firmware begins at B1.0.0. Previous firmware versions that begin with A are backwards-compatible with 2G units and only output at 1080p.

3G Ultra firmware has 3 numbers listed as BX.Y.Z that translate to:

  • X = Major version
    • Indicates major changes to the video codec
    • Indicates video compatibility; two firmware must share the same Major version to have compatible video
  • Y = Minor version
    • Indicates minor changes to endpoint or feature control
    • Does not affect video compatibility
    • Mostly fixes bugs in functionality
  • Z = Patch version
    • Indicates errors only experienced in corner casees
    • Mostly fixes webUI behavior

Any firmware versions not listed below should be considered beta or unsupported and may not be available.

Legacy 3G Firmware

The A firmware versions listed below will only run on 3G hardware built between 2015 and 2018. All 3G hardware can run B firmware.

Firmware Date
A6.0.1 15-Sep-22
A6.1.1 15-Nov-10
A6.1.10 16-Feb-2
  • 458
  • 31-Jul-2023