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3G IP Port Usage List for Services

3G systems use various services for sending video, audio, IR, serial, and USB communication. Active services can be viewed by running netstat -aun. The output of that command - in the Foreign Address column - will show a list of Multicast IP addresses along with port numbers (the number after the colon). The port number indicates the service.

Category Type Port Notes
Heartbeat/Unicast/UDP video 59002  
audio 59003  
ir 59004  
serial 59005  
gpio 59006  
usb 59007  
cec 59008  
audio return path 59009  
VideoIP Host encode video 59200 output (TX)
59201 or 59204 input (RX)
AudioIP Host encode audio 59300  
IRoIP Host encode IR 59400  
Serial over IP Passive serial 6752  
Serial over IP Direct serial 6752  
Serial over IP API serial 59500  
KMoIP usb 59702 (TX)
59703 (RX)
USBoIP usb 59700 Always uses TCP
HW-USBoIP (data) usb 59202 UDP, always the VideoIP port +2
CEC cec 59800 (stream)
59801 (topology)

Receiver Output

Transmitter Output

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