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2G Omega Project Planning Guide


The Just Add Power 2G Omega system is a 1080p HDMI over IP distribution matrix.

Every 2G Omega system requires 4 components:

  1. One 2G Omega Receiver per display
  2. One 2G Omega Transmitter per source
  3. Managed gigabit Ethernet switch with enough ports for Transmitters and Receivers
  4. IP-based control system

Each Transmitter and Receiver requires a dedicated cat5e (or greater) network cable coming from the switch location.

See our full Product Catalog and use the resources below to choose the right models of 2G Omega Transmitters and 2G Omega Receivers, choose the right system to fit the installation requirements, and find control system drivers to manage it all.

See this article if you'd rather plan a 4K30 system. 3G Ultra devices are compatible with 2G Omega devices in case you need a mixture of 1080p and 4K in the same installation.

Part 1: Choose Receivers & Transmitters

We manufacture multiple models of 2G Omega Transmitters and 2G Omega Receivers to support different hardware requirements at endpoints, and all models can be mixed-and-matched to work together.

View the full Product Catalog.

Compare 1080p Transmitters and mix and match to fit hardware features to each source location.

Compare 1080p Receivers and mix and match to fit hardware features to each display location.

Consider adding Sound Transceivers as audio-only inputs and outputs that seamlessly combine with standard Transmitters and Receivers.

View Data Sheets for all available models.

Part 2: Consider Accessory Parts

If the installation needs the ability to view multiple videos on the same display, consider adding a Tiling Transmitter.

If the installation needs to display a video wall with displays rotated diagonally, consider adding a Warp Engine Transmitter.

If the installation needs to control displays or sources with IR, consider adding Flux Capacitor IR Dongles to convert the RS232 ports on devices into IR emitters.

If the installation needs to store individual units in the rack, consider adding a Rack Shelf.

Part 3: Choose a System

Just Add Power supports two types of network designs, based on the networking requirements of the jobsite: VLAN Switching or Multicast Switching.

Please see here for Choosing A System that works best for your client's infrastructure needs.

Part 4: Control System & Drivers

We support a range of IP-based control systems - some developed by us, others developed by industry partners - to give you as the Installer the ability to provide the perfect experience for your client.

An IP-based Control System will allow full control of all things Just Add Power.

Contact for Planning Assistance

We provide planning resources before the installation in addition to Technical Support during and after the installation. Contact us via email at [email protected] or phone at 1-800-615-0206 if you're unsure of anything.