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[JADConfig] Control4 Driver Download


This driver package provides Matrix Control, Endpoint Control, and Feature Control of a Just Add Power VLAN switching system configured with JADConfig.

  • Matrix Control - switch any display to watch any source
  • Endpoint Control - manage sources and displays with IR, RS232, or CEC
  • Feature Control - manage features of Just Add Power like video wall, image pull, tiling control

Driver supports up to 256 inputs and 256 outputs.

Contracted by Just Add Power.

This driver is NOT COMPATIBLE with systems configured with AMP.



  • Matrix Control drivers - only load 1 driver for the switch manufacturer in the system. Larger sizes can cause Composer to crash if the virtual matrix does not have enough available memory. These driver sizes represent maximum sizing and will support any smaller system.
    • avswitch_ip_JustAddPower_Luxul.c4z - Luxul Matrix Control driver v1.20
      • Unlabeled driver is 256x256.
      • Various sizes are available - 32x32, 64x64, 64x128, 128x128
    • avswitch_ip_JustAddPower_CiscoSG300.c4z - Cisco Matrix Control driver v2.21
      • Unlabeled driver is 256x256.
      • Various sizes are available - 32x32, 64x64, 64x128, 128x128
  • proxy_ip_JustAddPower_TerminalServer.c4i - Just Add Power Endpoint and Feature Control driver v3.01
    • Behaves like a display in Composer with an HDMI input, serial output, IR output, and CEC power on and off commands

Switching Multiple Displays

The Matrix Control driver gives the ability to switch multiple outputs simultaneously using a device specific command from the Programming tab in Composer.

Command Example Syntax:

Switch Outputs 1 thru 16 to watch Input 1


Switch Outputs 1, 2, 5 and 6 to watch Input 3


Note: The command is case sensitive and must match the exact syntax in order to function.

The MULTISWITCH command is great when paired with video wall layouts.

Control4 OS3

The update to OS3 required the driver file type to change from .c4i to .c4z. Updating from the .c4i version to the .c4z version cannot be done through the Update Driver option in Composer. Instead, the new version must be loaded separately and reprogrammed with the settings from the old driver.

If the update to OS3 causes the Operational Mode to report as "Connecting..." follow these steps to remedy it:

  1. Ensure you are running driver v1.11 or later. v1.10 had corner cases where the driver would not properly reconnect after the switch or processor rebooted.
  2. Go to Connections --> Network. Disconnect the IP and re-enter the IP from the switching driver.
  3. Go to System Design and select the switching driver. Remove the license key, click Set, re-enter the license key, and click Set again.
  4. Reboot the Director if Steps 1-3 did not restore the Operational Mode to Licensed. This will restore the driver to a functional state.


  • Terminal Server driver now has IR output ports and supports IR control directly. No more Global Cache driver!
  • Fixes issues with larger systems taking a long time to load

Known Issues

  • Updating the username/password entry in the Matrix Control driver does not always update properly. Power cycle the Control4 processor to fix permanently.
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  • 13-Dec-2022