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Crestron Cisco Driver Package


Controls a Cisco switch that has been setup with JADConfig.

Requires Just Add Power justOS firmware B2.0.0 or greater. May work on systems with lower firmware, depending on the age of the system. See the Legacy Licensed Version for older systems.

Switching driver supports up to 404 inputs and 404 outputs.

Also includes endpoint control driver and documentation.



Crestron drivers for Just Add Power 2G and 3G systems for supported Cisco switches.

Also includes the Layer 3 endpoint driver and all documentation.

Attachment contains:

  • Cisco switching drivers v4.0.13
    • AVSwitch_Cisco_V4.0.13.umc
    • AVSwitch_Cisco_V4.0.13.ush
    • AVSwitch_Cisco_V4.0.13.usp
    • AVSwitch_Favourite_Switching_v3_00.ush
    • AVSwitch_Favourite_Switching_v3_00.usp
    • AVSwitch_POE_Control_v3_00.umc
    • AVSwitch_POE_Control_v3_00.ush
    • AVSwitch_POE_Control_v3_00.usp
    • JustAddPower.CiscoSG300_v4.0.13.clz
    • ITOA.ush
    • ITOA.usp
  • Demo profile v4.0.13
    • AVSwitch Cisco Demo V4.0.13.smw
    • AVSwitch_Cisco_DemoPanel_600x800_V4.0.13.vtp

For a driver compatible with 2-series processors, go to


  • License keys removed! Driver checks for the presence of Just Add Power hardware for authorization
  • Updated for 4-series processors

Licensed Version

If you are on firmware before B2.0.0, you may need to use the Licensed Version of the Driver and request a license key.

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  • 27-May-2021