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[Legacy] Download JADConfig: Configure a 2G or 3G VLAN Switching System


JADConfig has been replaced by a new software - Advanced Matrix Programmer (AMP) - that provides all of the same features of JADConfig, but has updated architecture that makes it easier to configure and support systems.

New systems should be built with AMP. AMP will support a wider range of switches, configure 3G and MaxColor systems, and continue to be updated over time.

No further updates to JADConfig are planned as of February 8, 2022 except to fix new issues that arise. We will continue to support JADConfig; systems built with JADConfig can remain that way, or can be transitioned to AMP.

JADConfig is a Windows-only software that will configure a managed Ethernet switch and Just Add Power devices into an HDMI switching matrix. The HDMI matrix uses network infrastructure, but is separate from the main data network; audio/video traffic will not interfere with data traffic.

Begin planning a system here

JADConfig will auto-update when a new version is available.


Current Version


Supported Switches

Can be found here:

Just Add Power Firmware

3G justOS version: B2.1.0

Hybrid (3G units in 2G Mode): A6.5.9-LTS.v3

2G: A5.3.1

Recent Changes

  • Add support for new Cisco CBS switches
  • Minor bug fixes for larger system interrogation
  • Fixed an issue where Transmitter ports were incorrectly assigned membership in VLAN 2 after configuration

Known Issues

  • When downsizing a system by removing Receivers, ports that were previously Receivers will still be configured as if they are Receiver ports. May cause a linked driver to read the port as a Receiver port incorrectly.
  • Program assumes all 192.168.x.x networks are Class C (/24) and ignores the actual subnet mask
  • Newer Windows 10/11 PC's require you to enable .Net Framework 2.0 through the Windows Features found in Control Panel. See Warning: .Net Framework 2.0 Required for instructions.

Advisory: Windows on Mac hardware

We suggest that JADConfig only be run on native Windows hardware to ensure the smoothest configuration process.
We have experienced issues with virtual machines and parallels related to properly bridging the network adapter settings from the Mac to the Windows side. Ideally, the Windows adapter should show the exact same settings as the Mac adapter, but that alone does not guarantee success.
Results include: failure to discover units, failure to configure units, failure to firmware update units resulting in damage to the units, and working perfectly fine the whole way through.
Because of the nature of Mac hardware updates, success one time does not guarantee success at all times.

Error: .Net Framework 2.0 Required

For newer PC's on Windows 10/11, .Net Framework 2.0 is disabled by default and requires you to enabled it through the Control Panel before you are able to install JADConfig on your Windows computer.

Please see the instructions below if you see this error message when you attempt to install JADConfig

  1. Select No and Navigate to your Windows Control Panel
  2. Find and Click on "View by: Category" and select "Large Icons"
  3. Find and Click on "Programs and Features"
  4. Find and Click on "Turn Windows Features on or off"
  5. A window will appear with a list of features you may turn on or off. Find and check the box for .Net Framework 3.5 (Includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0) and click OK at the bottom.
  6. Windows will prompt you to make a selection before .Net Framework will be installed. Please select "Let Windows Update download the Files for you." This make take several minutes to complete.
  7. Once Windows finishes installing .Net Framework 3.5, please retry opening the Setup Wizard for JADConfig.
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