Savant: Luxul Example

The XML files attached to this Knowledge Base article are examples for use with Savant and the Luxul series of switches.

Last Updated: 2016-Dec-08, Version 3.X

These example profiles have been graciously shared with us by another Savant programmer who wished to save his fellow Savant programmers time and make their lives a little bit simpler. These XML files are not intended as drag-and-drop ready to go profiles, but rather as guidelines to provide a framework to build upon.

The profiles include a <Notes> section that have some requirements in order to make the the module work correctly. Please review these notes, and cross-reference the JADConfig Driver Programmer's Guide (available upon request) to gain an understanding of how to control the Just Add Power 2G/3G matrix from Savant.

Please contact Just Add Power Support by starting a New Ticket if you required further assistance with driver development.

If you have questions, issues or would like to request a custom profile to fit you needs please contact Wesley Geist.