Savant: Just Add Power Device Control

The XML files attached to this Knowledge Base article are examples for use with Savant and the Just Add Power devices.

These example profiles have been graciously shared with us by another Savant programmer who wished to save his fellow Savant programmers time and make their lives a little bit simpler. These XML files are not intended as drag-and-drop ready to go profiles, but rather as guidelines to provide a framework to build upon.

Each profile includes a <Notes> section that has some requirements in order to make the the module work correctly. Please review these notes, and cross-reference the 2G/3G Programmer's Guide (available upon request) to gain an understanding of how to control the Just Add Power 2G/3G devices from Savant.

Please contact Just Add Power Support by starting a New Ticket if you required further assistance with driver development.

If you have questions, issues or would like to request a custom profile to fit you needs please contact Wesley Geist.