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2G System - Product Comparison

The 2G System from Just Add Power distributes HDMI video over a managed network. All 2G and 2GΩ/3G products support a maximum resolution of 1920x1200, requires a gigabit network, and can be configured by JADConfig.

With the introduction of 2GΩ/3G devices, several models of 2G have been discontinued and are directly replaced by 2GΩ/3G versions. 2GΩ models have all of the features of the 2G model that they replace, with the added ability of being compatible with 3G systems as well.

  • 208A & 208PoE discontinued --> replace with 505PoE
  • 408A & 408PoE discontinued --> replace with 705PoE
  • 218A & 218PoE discontinued --> replace with 515PoE
  • 418A & 418PoE discontinued --> replace with 715PoE

Use the comparison chart below to decide which model in the 2G or 2GΩ product line would serve each location the best.

Feature 2GΩ 2GΩ+ 2G+AVP
Compatible with all 2G
Video Wall
Image Push
Image Pull
Stereo and Compressed Multichannel Audio
Stereo Audio Extractor with Audio Delay  
5.1 Dolby Digital transformation to 2-channel audio    
Mic- and Line-In ports, mixable with HDMI audio    
RS232 control of endpoints
Integrated Null Modem jumpers on RS232  
IR control of endpoints
CEC control of endpoints  
HDMI Pass-Through Port on Transmitter  
USB over IP  
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  • 04-Feb-2019