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3G Ultra Receiver Comparison


The Just Add Power 3G Ultra system is capable of accepting 4K60 input, but outputs a maximum of 4K30 at the display end. "Receiver" describes the display-side decoding device and there are various models meant for different requirements at the display location. All models are compatible with each other so they can be used in the same installation. Use this article to help with choosing the model that best serves the video, audio, and hardware needs of each source location.

Units labeled as 2GΩ/3G are part of the 3G HD over IP System, but have a maximum supported resolution of 1080p. This distinction allows 1080p installations to take full advantage of all features in the 3G System without the additional cost of 4K compatibility when it is not needed. If you are planning a new 1080p project, see the 1080p Receiver Comparison article instead.

Features of All Models

Feature Description
4K video 4K resolution support up to 4096x2160
All audio formats supported Pass-through audio format from the Transmitter
Instant-Seamless Switching Switch from one source to another without the display realizing the source changed.
Image Pull Snapshot an image of video for display on any network-accessible device.
Image Push Upload a custom background image to an idle Receiver.
Integrated Video Scaler Scale 4K video down to 1080p for displays that are not 4K-capable.
Video Wall with Rotation Combine multiple displays together to build a standard video wall in landscape or portrait orientation.
Build a mosaic video wall made of displays in any rotation from 0-360 degrees.
Endpoint control Control sources and displays with RS232, IR*, and CEC.
On-Screen Display Show text over a video signal for messaging or alerts.

Baseline Model

Model Number


  • 3G POE Receiver


  • HDMI Out
  • Gigabit network with POE
  • RS232
  • Power

Other Models

The baseline model - 508POE - is powered by POE and has 4K video, pass-through any audio, instant-seamless switching, integrated video scaler, RS232/IR*/CEC control, video wall with rotation, image pull, image push, and on-screen display. The models below should be specified if additional features not present on the 508POE are needed.

Model Variation from Baseline Model Example
509POE Adds:
 1) network out port with POE pass-through
Provide internet access to an endpoint device when only one network wire is present.
518AVP Adds:
 1) Stereo Out port
 2) USB port
Feed analog audio to local speakers
Put mouse/keyboard at the display to control a PC showing on the display

*IR control requires use of VBS-HDMI-IRD IR Dongle.

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