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3G Ultra Transmitter Audio Planning


Just Add Power manufacturers many different Transmitters, partly to handle different audio setups.

Transmitters will handle audio in one of three ways:

  1. Accept any audio format and pass it through unmodified
  2. Accept Dolby Digital 5.1 and convert to 2-channel audio using the Dolby Pro Logic II codec
  3. Accept up to 8 channels of LPCM and pass it through unmodified

Receiver Audio

All Just Add Power Receivers can process all audio formats.

Receivers will pass-through the same audio format that is being sent to them by the Transmitter. Receivers DO NOT alter the audio format in any way.

The Stereo port on a Receiver will only work if it is being sent a stereo-compatible format from the Transmitter.

Transmitter Audio

Transmitters process audio differently depending on the model used. Choose the model of Transmitter that works best for the requirements of the source it is attached to. Mix-and-match Transmitters within the same system so all sources perform as needed.

All Audio Pass-Through

For situations where the audio format of the Source is meant to be passed to the Receiver side in the same format as the HDMI out of the source, use any of these Transmitters:

  • 707POE
  • 708POE
  • 717HIFI
  • 717WP2
  • 747POE

See the diagram below for some examples:

Stereo and Dolby 5.1 Simultaneous Distribution

For situations where Dolby Digital 5.1 needs to be distributed to surround sound zones and stereo zones simultaneously, use any of these Transmitters:

  • 718AVP
  • 718KVM with Dolby Digital add-on (same as 718AVP)
  • 718WP4
  • 749AVP

These Transmitters use the Dolby Pro Logic II codec to convert Dolby Digital 5.1 to a stereo-compatible audio format. An AVR set to Dolby Surround will convert that signal back to the discrete audio channels.

These Transmitters are not capable of processing audio formats higher than Dolby Digital 5.1.

See the diagram below for some examples:

Dante Audio System Integration

Just Add Power has one model that integrates with a Dante Sound System and accepts up to 8 channels of LPCM:

  • 767DSS

Separate Stereo Audio Distribution

For situations where stereo audio distribution is done through a separate system, use one of these Transmitters:

  • 708POE - if the 4K source is set to stereo audio and an analog audio port is needed. Analog audio delay must be done separately.
  • 718AVP - if the 4K or 1080p source is set to Dolby Digital 5.1 and an analog audio port with audio delay is needed.

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