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LG RS232 Codes

LG codes sent are in ASCII format followed by a Carriage Return (\r)

Command Code (ASCII)
Power On ka 01 01\r
Power Off ka 01 00\r
Volume Up mc 01 02\r
Volume Down mc 01 03\r
Mute ke 01 00\r
Unmute ke 01 01\r
Info (Display) mc 01 aa\r
Menu mc 01 43\r
Up mc 01 40\r
Down mc 01 41\r
Right mc 01 06\r
Left mc 01 07\r
Enter (OK) mc 01 44\r
Return (Back) mc 01 28\r
Exit mc 01 5b\r
Picture Size: Just Scan kc 01 09\r

For testing or demonstration purposes, we recommend using Docklight Scripting.

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  • 31-Jul-2023