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[AMP VLAN] Savant Driver Download


This example profile has been graciously shared with us by a Savant programmer who wishes to save his fellow Savant programmers time and make their lives a little bit simpler. The XML files are not intended as drag-and-drop ready-to-go profiles, but rather as guidelines to provide a framework to build upon.

This driver package provides Matrix Control of a Just Add Power VLAN switching system configured with AMP.

  • Matrix Control - switch any display to watch any source

There are two drivers in the download:

  1. Maximum size 30 inputs and 30 outputs
  2. Maximum size 30 inputs and 50 outputs

If you have questions, issues, or would like to request a custom profile to fit your needs please contact Wesley Geist at [email protected]

This driver is NOT COMPATIBLE with systems configured with JADConfig.





  • v1.2WG
    • Inputs 21-30 state variable parameters were not working. Fixed in v1.3WG