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Image Push - Customize a Receiver Background Image


Image Push gives a Just Add Power Receiver - any model of 2G, 2GΩ/3G, and 3G - the ability to display a custom image on the Diagnostic Screen when no Transmitter video is showing. This feature is designed to allow an installer to further customize a site by adding the installer's logo, the customer's logo, or another image.

Image Push feature was introduced into the 2G/2G+ platform with a free firmware update in 2014, and is included in all releases afterwards. Image Push can be applied to any Just Add Power 2G device built since 2010 by updating the firmware and uploading an image.

Image Push is included in JADConfig.

As of firmware B2.0.0, Image Push can be uploaded to any 3G device through the web interface


Firmware version A5.21 or later. All firmwares A6.x.x. All firmwares Bx.x.x

File format is .jpeg

Maximum file size is 1MB

Maximum image size is 1920x1080

JADConfig Instructions

To update the background image on devices through JADConfig:

  1. Run one of the functions that apply firmware update
    • Setup a New System
    • Configure a Device
    • Update Firmware
  2. Choose the background image when prompted
  3. Allow the program to update the background image
  4. Done!

justOS Instructions

To update the background image:

  1. Open the webUI of the Receiver
  2. Go to the Video tab and ImagePush Update section
  3. Select Choose File and navigate to an image that matches the requirements: maximum file size of 1MB and 1920x1080 pixels
  4. Click Upload
  5. Refresh the ImagePush Current to see your new image
  6. Done!


On devices in a 3G System, the display resolution and the diagnostic text of Image Push can be adjusted. Please see the Video section of the 3G Device Settings article listed as Debug Text and Debug Screen Resolution more information.

Legacy Patching Program

For all A5.x.x, A6.x.x, and B1.x.x firmwares, updating the background image can be done through a special patching program.
Link below includes the Windows-only program that creates the file to be uploaded to the Receiver, along with instructions.

Legacy Instructions

  1. Run J+PBackgroundPatch.exe
  2. Follow the prompt to choose the firmware you would like to create the Background Image for.
    • Works with the 2G System and 3G System
    • Choose the firmware file for the Receiver model that the image will be loaded onto.
    • Earliest capable firmware: A5.13d
  3. Follow the prompt to choose the image file.
    • Image format must be .jpg
    • Maximum file size is 1MB
    • Maximum image resolution is 1920x1080
  4. The file created by the program is named JAP-2G-RX-background-patch.bin and is located in the same folder as the program.
    • The name is the same regardless of the firmware chosen.
    • We recommend renaming the file afterwards to reflect the Receiver model that the file is compatible with.
    • Note: On Virtual Machines, the file could appear in another folder.
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