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705POE Data Sheet: 2GΩ/3G Transmitter

Model Number



The 2GΩ/3G 1080p Power over Ethernet Transmitter is the source-side device in either a 2G or 3G system.

In a 2G system, the 705POE completely replaces previous 2G Transmitter models 408A and 408PoE.

In a 3G system, the 705POE provides a lower-cost alternative for sources that will only output at 1080p resolution or lower while still maintaining the full feature-set of a 3G Transmitter.


  • Maximum 1080p video and HDCP 1.4
  • All audio formats
  • Instant-seamless switching
  • Video Wall
  • 2-way RS232 control
  • CEC control
  • Image Pull
  • Power over Ethernet
  • 169
  • 28-Apr-2021