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2G Video Wall Setup and Control

The PDF attached to this Knowledge Base article contains detailed step-by-step instructions for how to perform the initial setup, configuration, and control of a Just Add Power 2G Video Wall.

Each Just Add Power 2G/2G+ Receiver has the ability to turn any combination of displays (up to 16 rows by 16 columns) mounted in their standard landscape orientation into a video wall.

Once 2G/2G+ Receivers are set up in a video wall, they can be dynamically resized to show any row and column position in any size of a video wall, or put back into single screen mode. This function is achieved by sending commands directly to each Receiver from your control system to tell that Receiver what row/column position it is in "what-size" of a video wall. Once the Receiver gets that command, that is the portion of source video the Receiver displays.

When the televisions are mounted in a video wall layout, the result is a cost-effective video wall capable of viewing any source in your Just Add Power 2G system that can be dynamically reconfigured on the fly to meet your clients' unique viewing requirements.

Additional notes are available in the attached PDF for applications with an unbalanced number of rows and columns, as custom content authoring may be desired.

Key Concepts:

1) Commands to switch sources (what video is shown on what display) are sent to the managed network switch
2) Commands to change the layout of the video wall (what row and column position of "what-size" wall is displayed on each TV) are sent directly to each Receiver in the wall

Special Note: 2G/2G+ video walls at 1080p resolution cannot be done as a single column. Single column 2G video walls must use 720p. If a single column wall at a higher resolution is the desired application, 3G is a valid option.

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  • 10-Apr-2019