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Coaxial to Ethernet Conversion

There are times when existing infrastructure has coaxial cabling in place. Just Add Power needs Ethernet infrastructure in place to work correctly.

At this time there are no known solutions to perform a successful coaxial to Ethernet conversion for successful use with the Just Add Power platform. Specifically, failed converters in the past have been unable to covert the entirety of the audio/video traffic (not getting a full GB of bandwidth).

In a MoCA (Multimedia over Coax) system, the coaxial infrastructure is turned into a network "hub". Hubs are inherently one giant collision domain (where as each port on a switch is its own collision domain). This distinction means that every time a TX/RX attempts to communicate on the wire at the same time, a collision will take place resulting in a transmission failure. Because of how much data we are sending between units simultaneously and the UDP multicast nature of the AV stream, re-transmission will not occur and communication will fail. These collisions happen with such frequency that it makes using any "hub" technology with Just Add Power completely impractical.

Other third party conversion devices may work, but we have no firsthand experience of successful coaxial to Ethernet conversion for Just Add Power audio/video applications. 

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  • 23-Feb-2018