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Hybrid Firmware: A6.5.5

Release date March 1, 2018.

Firmware A6.5.5 is compatible with 2G, 2GΩ/3G, and 3G devices. For installations that require 2G and 3G units to work together, this is the latest firmware that supports backwards-compatibility.

Firmware A will only be updated for situations that require 2G backwards-compatibility. 2GΩ/3G and 3G devices will continue to be updated with justOS going forward.



  • SwitchPlease: switching control built into the web interface of a Just Add Power Receiver
  • Plug-Play-Present: enable a Transmitter to perform switching, video wall, and power commands when it detects an active video signal
  • Report audio format on a device through CLI

Bug Fixes

  • Video Wall: Tearing Delay in 2G Mode was not working. This is resolved.
  • Video Wall: Rectangular walls in 2G Mode were not working. This is resolved.
  • Audio drop: (Transmitter) Garbage-in/garbage-out by source was being exaggerated by internal mute/unmute driver function. This is resolved and garbage will correctly pass from end-to-end unhindered.
  • Memory Leak: Caused screens to randomly freeze and show a single screen of video or black. This is resolved..
  • "Just Add Plaid": Occasionally, a plaid image would remain stuck on the screen. This is resolved.

Known Issues

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  • 11-Apr-2022