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DHCP Server: Provide Internet and Audio/Video on a single network cable


In situations where one network wire needs to carry:

  1. Just Add Power Audio/Video to a Receiver
  2. internet traffic for a network device
  3. Other situations covered in the Network Connection Through Receiver Port article.

The network cable would need to be split using the 509POE Daisy-Chain Receiver or an unmanaged network switch.

Disclaimer: This configuration will not provide network communication if a discovery protocol is used to identify the device.


Enable the DHCP Server on a single Just Add Power Receiver in the installation:

astparam s dhcp_server_enable y;astparam save;reboot

This will enable the Receiver to pass out DHCP addresses to up to 50 devices. Only one Receiver can have this enabled; that single Receiver will manage all network devices, no matter what Receiver they are connected to.

After the DHCP Server is enabled, apply a Static Route to the router so that network traffic is appropriately forwarded to the Just Add Power IP scheme.

DHCP Address Table

J+P IP First DHCP IP Last DHCP IP Netmask Default Gateway

Alternate Solution

Set a static IP on the device using an IP in the table above to provide consistent, direct IP control of a network device.

Network devices on the same network cable as a Just Add Power Receiver must have an IP that is in the same subnet as the Receiver in order to communicate with other devices.

A Static Route must be applied to the router to allow the network device to communicate with the regular data network.

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