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[Legacy] 3G A6.x.x Standard Video Wall Setup & Control

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These instructions are for Just Add Power 3G devices running legacy firmware A6.x.x. Please see the justOS Standard Video Wall article for the latest options.

A Standard Video Wall is made up of multiple displays that each have their own Receiver. The displays must be the same size and orientation and must be aligned edge-to-edge in a seamless rectangle. This setup allows a Source to be viewed as a single-screen and as part of a video wall at the same time. It also allows a video wall to dynamically change size as demonstrated in this video.

A Standard Video Wall is one in which all Displays are the same size and orientation, and 100% of the video is shown across the Displays in the video wall.

Wall sizes up to 16 rows and 16 columns are supported through the web interface. Larger wall sizes are supported; contact support for more information.

If the displays are of different size or orientation, or are not edge-to-edge aligned, it may be preferable to setup a Mosaic Video Wall instead.


Content Scaling

A Standard Video Wall is created by scaling the input content to the wall size. If the input content does not share the same aspect ratio as the wall, some adjustments may be needed.

Standard HD content (720p, 1080p, 2160p) has an aspect ratio - the relative size of the width compared to the height - of 16:9.

  • 1280 x 720 = (16:9) x 80
  • 1920 x 1080 = (16:9) x 120
  • 3840 x 2160 = (16:9) x 240

16:9 aspect ratio calculates to 1.778 (16/9); the content is 1.778 times wider than it is tall.

If the aspect ratio of a video wall is higher than 1.778, the picture will distort to look fatter than usual.
If the aspect ratio of a video wall is lower than 1.778, the picture will distort to look thinner than usual.
The closer the aspect ratio is to 1.778, the less distorted the picture will look.
A standard video wall with the same number of rows and columns will keep the aspect ratio of the input content.

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