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[Multicast] Q-SYS Plugin for Matrix Control and Video Wall Control


Contracted by Just Add Power.

Controls 3G and MaxColor Just Add Power devices setup by AMP Multicast.

Please see the full section on Multicast Switching to view how to setup the Just Add Power system to work with the Q-Sys driver.



Just Add Power

  1. Just Add Power devices
  2. All Just Add Power devices configured with AMP Multicast


  1. Gigabit managed network supporting jumbo-frames, IGMP snooping, IGMP filtering, IGMP fast-leave (immediate leave), and with adequate bandwidth and forwarding capacity to accommodate ~500Mbps of data per active Transmitter video stream.
  2. Qualified Network Administration with a thorough understanding of their institution's switch configuration, limitation, and multicast best-practices.
  3. All Just Add Power devices configured to be in the same layer-2 VLAN
  4. At least one of the following:
    • Layer-3 isolated VLAN to allow for inter-vlan communication between the Q-SYS system and the Just Add Power Receivers
    • Multicast filtering rules to either explicitly allow Just Add Power multicast ranges out member ports, or to deny Just Add Power multicast ranges out non-member ports


Standard integration notes are included with the Q-SYS plugin download below. A basic understanding of how to implement Q-SYS plugins and use the Q-SYS Design software is assumed and required. For specific implementation questions not covered in the integration notes, please email [email protected].

Plugin Preview



Release Date: 2019-Dec-16


  • Corrects a socket timeout error with the plugin. Connection no longer drops every 10 seconds.

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