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Download AMP: Configure a 3G or MaxColor System



AMP - Advanced Matrix Programmer - configures 3G and MaxColor devices into an HDMI matrix switching system.

AMP is the spiritual successor to JADConfig. If you were previously using JADConfig to configure systems, you can continue to use it for maintaining those systems. However, we recommend that new systems should be configured with AMP.

There are two types of systems that can be configured by AMP:

  1. VLAN switching
  2. Multicast switching

Generally, VLAN switching is preferred because AMP configures both the switch and all Just Add Power devices. In Multicast switching, AMP configures the Just Add Power devices but NOT the switch.

See Choosing A System to determine which type of system is best for the job site.

Begin planning a system here.

Current Version

Stable: 0.3.3


  • Multicast switching
  • VLAN switching
    • Luxul AMS/XMS/SW switches
    • Netgear GSM4250 switches
  • 3G systems
  • MaxColor systems
  • Choose a Class B network for J+P
    • 172.20.x.x up to 172.29.x.x
    • default = 172.27.x.x

Beta: 0.4.0

  • VLAN switching
    • NEW SWITCH: Cisco CBS350 switches
      • CBS350-24-4X
      • CBS350-48-4X
      • CBS350-8-2G
      • CBS350-16-2G
      • CBS350-24-4G
      • CBS350-48-4G
  • NEW FUNCTION: "Add Additional Devices" for expanding a system

Set the program to use the Beta branch by going to Manage Updates --> Change Branch --> Beta to access VLAN switching

VLAN Supported Switches

In a VLAN system you MUST use a supported switch, as AMP will configure the switch. AMP VLAN supports up to 63 switches in a system.

List of supported switches for AMP VLAN

Multicast Recommended Switches

In a Multicast system you may use any switch that fits minimum requirements. You are responsible for configuring the switch; Just Add Power provides example profiles, but AMP does NOT configure the switch.

List of recommended switches for Multicast switching

Active Firmware


3G: B2.2.0

MaxColor: MAX v3.3.8


3G: B2.2.2

MaxColor: MAX v3.4.3

Recent Changes

  • Stable - version 0.3.3
    • Builds systems with Netgear switches!
      • Go to Manage Updates --> Change Branch --> Beta to access Netgear
    • Switch diagram on the discovery page
      • Shows properly connected devices in green
      • Shows incorrectly connected devices in red
      • Shows blank ports with the original port coloring for the device type
  • Beta - version 0.4.0
    • NEW function: Add Additional Devices to expand a system
    • NEW switch support: Cisco CBS350 switches
    • Improves uplink patching diagram
    • Sets `channel 0` on devices in a VLAN system automatically

Known Issues

Beta v0.4.0

  • When updating a device from A firmware to B firmware, there is sometimes a "Duplicate IP" error that pops up. This is typically due to devices changing MAC address after a firmware update. Ignore and close these messages.