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Luxul Switch Firmware - Forced Password Change

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  • Fix Through WebUI


    Luxul firmware v4.2.0 has a new feature that prompts for a password change upon first login to the switch webUI.

    This webUI behavior has no effect on running JADConfig to setup a Luxul switch with Just Add Power.

    However, if JADConfig is run and then the webUI is opened, the wizard will demand a password change. This by itself is not bad. However, the driver to control switching must have an accurate username/password to function.

    Fix Through WebUI

    Option 1

    Perform this Option to return the switch to the default username/password of admin/admin.

    1. Open the web interface of the Luxul switch
    2. In Password, set the new password to "Goodbye007"

    1. In IP Address, do not change any values.

    1. In Date & Time, set however you would like.

    1. In Information, System contact, System name, and System location must be left blank.

    1. Login to the switch with username/password of admin/Goodbye007
    2. Go to Configuration > Security > Switch > Users, click on the admin user, and change the password back to 'admin'

    1. Fin!

    Option 2

    Perform this Option to change the password on the switch and leave it at the new, more secure password.

    1. Open the web interface of the Luxul switch
    2. Set the new password to anything you want.

    1. Do not change the IP address, subnet mask, gateway, or DNS

    1. Set Date & Time and Information however you would like.

    1. Go to the control system driver for the Luxul switch and change the password to the new value.
    2. On the JADConfig Report file, change the password to the new value.
    3. Fin!
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  • 04-Aug-2020