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ST1 Audio Distribution Examples


The Just Add Power Sound Transceiver - model ST1 - is capable of sending or receiving stereo audio from a Just Add Power system. As a Transceiver, you begin by choosing whether it will act as a Transmitter or Receiver - an input or an output - and build the system accordingly.

Audio Capabilities

  • Stereo audio only
  • No down-mixing capability
  • 192 kHz
  • 24-bit
  • Volume adjustment in Receiver Mode

Transmitter Mode Options

As a Transmitter, the ST1 can:

  • Provide a stereo audio source to an audio-only system made up of multiple ST1s
  • Provide a stereo audio source to any Receiver in a Just Add Power system
  • Provide a stereo audio source that can be mixed with a video signal from another Just Add Power Transmitter so that a Just Add Power Receiver is viewing video and audio from two different sources
  • Provide a pathway for Audio Return Channel - ARC - to get from the Smart TV back to the AVR

Receiver Mode Options

As a Receiver, the ST1 can:

  • Play stereo audio from an audio-only system made up of multiple ST1s
  • Play stereo audio from any Transmitter in a Just Add Power system (Transmitter must be outputting stereo audio)
  • Provide an audio-only endpoint to pair with a video-only endpoint, for example in a home theater situation where the AVR is at the rack but the display is too far to connect directly to the AVR

2G Mode Settings

The ST1 Sound Transceiver can work in a 2G system or with 3G devices in 2G Mode, but requires a few settings to be applied.

Apply 2G Mode

2G Mode is automatically applied to the unit when loading firmware A6.5.9-LTS

Instructions to Set 2G/3G Mode manually can be found here

Enable Audio-Only

Standard 2G and 3G Receivers expect video and audio to be sent together. In their default state, a 2G Receiver will not process audio unless there is an accompanying video signal. To set a Receiver to accept audio without a video signal, send this command via the CLI of the Receiver:

astparam s a_force_dual_output y;astparam save;sleep 1;reboot

The unit will reboot and accept audio independent of video. This must be applied to every 2G Receiver in a system that wishes to listen to an audio-only signal from an ST1 or AVP Transmitter.

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