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Upload Switch Config to TP-Link TL-SG34XX Series


Uploading a switch configuration file might be done for any of these reasons:

  • Copying the configuration from a defective switch into the replacement switch
  • Running AMP and loading the Discovery Configuration file

These instructions will fit any of these situations.

Minimum Switch Firmware

TP-Link switches have minimum firmware that must be loaded on the switch to be compatible with AMP systems. Please update switch firmware to the minimum version listed below:

Model Hardware Version Firmware Version
TL-SG3428XMP v1.x v1.0.10
v2.x v2.0.4
v3.x v3.0.2
TL-SG3428MP v1.x v1.1.7
v2.x v2.0.11
v4.x v4.0.6
v5.x (Not compatible yet)
TL-SG3452P v1.x (Not compatible yet)
v2.x (Not compatible yet)
v3.x (Not compatible yet)
TL-SG3452XP v1.x (Not compatible yet)
v2.x (Not compatible yet)


  1. Login to the switch webUI by going to the current IP address
    • Default IP is /24 or DHCP on your network
  2. Check the firmware version on the switch to confirm it is at the minimum firmware version according to the table above.
  3. (Optional) To update firmware
    • Go to System Tools --> Firmware Upgrade and upload the firmware file. Be sure to check the box that says Reboot the switch using the backup image after upgrading is completed.
    • To run AMP, the switch must meet minimum firmware requirements.
  4. Once firmware is on a compatible version, go to System Tools --> Restore Config on the left menu.

  5. In the Configuration File field, click Browse and navigate to the configuration file.
  6. Check the box for Reboot the switch to validate the configuration after the restore is complete.
  7. Click Import to upload the new switch config.

  8. Done! The switch will reboot with the new config file uploaded.
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